Rodric David is the Executive Chairman

Posted by Admin | July 11th, 2013

Rodric David is the Executive Chairman of a company known as United Capital Partners. However, prior to this he held a number of different leadership positions for several different companies. He was, for a time, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Emergent Capital Limited. This private equity firm is based out of Abu Dhabi, which is in the United Arab Emirates. This company, founded in 2008, was intended to raise funds in the financial crisis in order to make speculative investments. Although there was a global economic downturn raging, Emergent Capital Limited saw the opportunity to invest in cleantech and emerging technologies.

Emergent Capital in January of 2009 purchased an Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) company called Global Renewables Limited. This company was based out of Sydney, Australia. Emergent Capital acquired Global Renewables Limited from GUD Holdings Limited, which is listed on the ASX. Rodric David was, in February of 2009, made Chairman of Global Renewables Limited. As such, he would oversee the negotiation with WSN Environmental Solution, a New South Wales government owned corporation, concerning their contract.

In 2011, Rodric David successfully meted out the sale of the stake that Emergent Capital had in Global Renewables Limited. Rodric David was able to resign his role as Chairman of Global Renewables Limited after Ironbridge Capital bought their interest. The sale of Global Renewables Limited to Ironbridge Capital made possible an investor return that amounted to over twenty-seven times the initial investment—a deal no one could be upset about.

Rodric David began his business career in Australia by working with Davids Limited. This is a company that operates supermarkets and does wholesale grocery distribution. It is also his family’s privately-owned company. Today, this company is called Metcash Trading and is a top fifty public company in Australia.

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Rodric David works for over ten years for Davids Limited

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Rodric David has been working in the business world for years. He entered the business world in Australia by working for Davids Limited, which is a company that his family owns. It is a privately owned and operated company in Australia that is actually now known as Metcash. Today, Metcash is one of the top fifty publicly traded companies in the United States. Rodric David works for over ten years for Davids Limited, in a number of different leadership positions. He would eventually become the General Manager of Davids Distribution Malaysia.